change for the better SEIZE THE DAY. EVERY DAY.

That’s DIEMlife® as simply as you can put it.

It’s about improving the quality of life and the living world around us: whether it’s overcoming health obstacles, pushing past personal fitness levels, fundraising for first responders, building a community around a cure for a critical illness, or simply mobilizing family, friends and coworkers in pursuit of a powerful purpose or project.

The DIEMlife® platform is continuously growing and evolving with new features to service those needs.

Simple pricing starting at $99/month 

DIEMlife is designed to be a holistic hub where anyone, from organizations to individuals or from community to corporate to college members can curate and customize virtually any initiative imaginable with our Quest®-builder toolset.

Here you will find all the resources they need to fundraise, launch events, and mobilize yourself, your people, and even their people!

Our Quests® have already helped hospitals, care centers, colleges, universities, restaurants, companies, community causes, and other collectives make a real difference in their endeavors.

The right Quest® may well be all you’ll ever need.

change engagement CHANGE THE WAY YOU ENGAGE

The platform delivers an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive, toolset which we are committed to making increasingly intuitive to meet the changing demands of clients as well as engagement in general.

We fully appreciate that making it happen takes so much inspired energy and ongoing commitment as it is, that actually managing the change you are trying to effect should be as easy as possible. And cost-effective.

We’re in the business of making making it happen happen, so we know what it takes. Especially now that we’re expanding the platform to support a Mega-Quest® framework.

Both people and organizations struggle to consolidate their fundraising efforts, to launch events and to mobilize people without access to huge budgets and management teams.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, and Instagram each only fulfill part of the crucial tools needed to effectively create and coordinate engaging change campaigns. And conventional project management systems are often prohibitively expensive and  inefficient at the same time.

With DIEMlife, simplicity is key to taking our clients from concept to completion.

Simple pricing starting at just $99/month

What can DIEMlife do for you?

Library of Templates

Easy Setup

Powerful Dashboard

Plan objectives, actions, events, milestones, and view detailed reports all in one place.

Get started quickly with our Quest® templates that are tailored to your wellness goals.

Get started in a snap and easily create and customize your challenges (Quests).

Easy Fundraising

Manage and Connect

Maximize Impact

Use our fundraising and ticketing features to generate proceeds and manage event donors and participants.

Manage your organization, mobilize members, share content, and connect across channels.

Improve conversion and keep your teams engaged with gamified challenges.

Simple pricing starting at just $99/month

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