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What is DIEMlife?

DIEMlife is a social network and lifestyle platform for go-getters and goal-setters. It's a place where you can track your Quests, connect with friends for support and join a community of like-minded people who are also looking to improve their lives.
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What is a Quest?

Anything can be a Quest and a Quest can be anything. A Quest is an interactive web page that helps you name, pursue, and achieve your goals. You can have a Quest to finish a trail race, to meditate daily, to take an online course, to talk to your family 3x a week, or to go to Tomorrowland. Quests you've started or are taking part in appear in your Feed. 

Each Quest can include images and videos to help promote your event, and links to other resources. For example, a Quest created for a race/walk can support registration, facilitate team fundraising, manage ticket sales, and track each participant’s progress. As well as doing them, you can comment and financially back your friend's Quests and they can do the same for you.

For Quest ideas, browse the Feed to see what others are working on.

What does a Quest look like?

Yoo-Sun takes us through a DIEMlife Quest.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Registration is free; simply sign up on the DIEMlife website, or through our app, available for iOS and Android. To learn more about creating and managing Quests, please consult our product guide. 

How do I choose the right plan?

Our pricing page lists the features available through each plan. We offer a Free plan for personal use and as a way of introducing you to DIEMlife’s basic functions. For a full range of registration, ticketing, and reporting features, consider a Startup, Pro, or Enterprise subscription.

What are my payment options?

Payment for Startup subscriptions is made via credit card. Pro and Enterprise subscriptions may be invoiced and paid via ACH, wire transfer, or check.

Getting Started

Yoo-Sun takes us through the DIEMlife signup process.

Creating and Managing Quests

How many Quests can I have?

All subscriptions support an unlimited number of Quests.

What does a Quest look like?

At its most basic, each Quest includes a cover photo, title, and description. From there, you may quickly and easily tailor your Quest with additional features including tasks, progress monitoring, event registration, ticketing, and fundraising support, all from within our comprehensive platform. 

I just saved a Quest. Where did it go?

Click "My Quests" in the menu and it will be located in the Saved section. All your Quests are separated by Active, Saved, and Done. Active Quests are the ones you've started and are currently working on. Saved Quests are the ones you've saved but not yet started. And of course, Done Quests are the ones you've started and completed.

I just clicked Start on my Saved Quest. Where did it go?

When you click "Start" on a Quest, it's now active which means it is in the Active section.

I completed all my Milestones but it didn't move to Done. How can I move it over?

To move any Quest to Done, you have to click the "Complete Quest" button.

I tried to edit my Quest but when I'm asked to keep or remove the original one, I'm not sure what to do. What's the difference?

We ask if you want to keep the original Quest when there's more than one person doing it. Keeping the original means you'll still be a part of the group of people doing the original version of the Quest. So if you choose to keep it, you'll have both the original Quest AND your edited one. If you want to remove it, you'll only have the edited version and you'll no longer be in the original Quest.

How do others join my Quests?

That’s entirely up to you. Quests may be limited to specific individuals, to team leaders, or to all comers. Our Startup, Pro, and Enterprise plans give you complete control over who is invited to each Quest.

Explore & Search

Yoo-Sun takes us through the process of finding quests.

Creating Quests

Yoo-Sun teaches us how to set up a Quest.

Creating Tasks

Yoo-Sun teaches us how set up Tasks.

Creating and Managing Teams

Can I invite friends?

Of course! You can either search for them in Friends or invite them in by sharing a Quest via email or social media.

Can I get notifications on my or friend's Quests?

Yes, just check "Alerts" in the menu.

Quest Modes

Yoo-Sun explains the differences between Support Only, Pace Yourself, and Team modes. 

Fundraising, Events, and Ticketing

How do I receive money for my Quests in DIEMlife?

You'll only be able to receive financial backing on Quests once you've added payment information in your Account. The same goes if you want to give money or make purchases.

How do I give money in DIEMlife?

Click "Back Me" on any Quest and you'll be able to financially back anyone's Quest once you're logged into your bank account.

How do I know if the person and their Quest is genuine?

Maybe you're friends with the person or a trusted source told you about this person and their Quest. You'll have to decide for yourself what's genuine by checking out the person's profile and reading the comments. If you're still not sure and have more questions, comment on their Quest to ask them questions.

I just bought an event ticket through DIEMlife. What happens next?

Awesome! You should have received a ticket confirmation email from us. If you don't see it, check your spam or contact us. If you need to make any changes to your ticket order, contact the event organizer.

I'm having trouble buying an event ticket through DIEMlife. Can you help?

Most certainly. Contact us and let us know what issue you're having.

Can I get a refund?

Because we don't hold onto any money that passes between you, Quests that you've backed financially, or the event tickets you've purchased, we can't give you a refund on your money.

What are the fees?

For ticket purchases, we charge a 2% platform fee + $0.99 per ticket plus a standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30. For all financial backing transactions, we charge a standard 5% platform fee plus a standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

Do I need to finish my Quest if I've received money?

We can't tell you what to do. In some cases, completing Quests is about accountability, integrity, and responsibility. But sometimes, a particular Quest may no longer make sense in your life. If that's the case, consider using the money to pay it forward (coming soon!) and back someone else on their Quest. Be sure to update your Quest backers so they're not left wondering what happened to their contribution.

Why do people financially back each other's Quests?

We asked our users why they back Quests and these are just some of their reasons: "I wanted to encourage my friend and finally see him achieve this Quest." "Just because." "So I can make a difference and help people improve their lives." "I can see where my money is going and how it's making an impact."

What do backers get in return?

People who financially back others will get updates on Quest progress and Quest completion. It goes without saying, a sense of purpose, community, and impact being part of another person's Quest.

Can I make my financial backings private?

Eventually, yes.


How can I report inappropriate content?

If you see anything on DIEMlife that is offensive, please contact us.

What are the tax implications of giving or receiving money?

Financial backing of Quests is classified as non-taxable gifts, not income. We're not a charitable organization, so financial backings do not fall under charitable giving guidelines. But tax laws vary greatly outside the US, so it's best to ask your tax advisor. 

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