DIEMlife believes that everyone can lead a life of purpose, achievement, and self-direction. We help our members add purpose and meaning to their lives by helping them set goals, plan for success, and get the community support they need to fulfill their ambitions. 

If it's important to you, it's important to our community.

Some members rely on DIEMlife to help them achieve fitness goals. Others pursue new career paths or develop new skills. If it’s important to you, it’s important to our community. Whatever you hope to achieve, your dreams are welcome here, and fellow members are ready to provide advice, encouragement, and congratulations when you need them. 

While you’re achieving your own goals, DIEMlife makes it easy to help other members achieve theirs. Mentoring others is a great way to sharpen your existing skills, earn newfound confidence in your expertise, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your most cherished strengths matter deeply.

Our core values guide DIEMlife’s daily operations and define its community spirit. 

Performance: Always strive for excellence.

Collaboration: Receive support graciously, give support generously, and build mutually supportive relationships with others.

Innovation: Experiment widely and take calculated risks.

Growth: Learn equally from triumphs and mistakes.

Authenticity: Be yourself, always.

Diversity: Welcome our differences and seek to learn from them.

DIEMlife succeeds because of its community, and no wonder: to us, its founders, the platform is a family affair.


We’re Timothy Midgley and Yoo-Sun Park, and DIEMlife is our brainchild. We met in 2013, while each of us was enjoying a traditionally successful business career. In our own ways, we’d both sought happiness by swimming against the current: Tim left a comfortable corporate job to build startups and consult small businesses along the way, and Yoo-Sun translated her Juilliard degree into a successful career as a sought-after movement coach.

Tim found a partner who always kept his ideas in productive focus, and Yoo-Sun found one whose work ethic was equal to his ambition. That dynamic worked so well for us as a couple that we began to think about ways to share it with the world.

Shortly after we met, Tim’s recently widowed mother began experiencing problems with her mobility. Ending each day in a wheelchair wasn’t in character for her, but she didn’t have the support she once did to help her overcome serious challenges.

We took that as a challenge of our own, to create an online community that helps people meet obstacles head-on and achieve their most important ambitions.

The result was DIEMlife. Tim’s mother became a charter member in 2016 and soon completed her first 5k walk. As DIEMlife kept growing, we embarked on our wildest journey yet with the arrival of baby Kelvin in 2019.

Hello; I'm Tim.

When I’m not in the office, you may find me testing my mettle on a 100-mile mountain trail, crawling through a 48-hour special forces-led challenge, pushing the limits of mental and physical endurance on a 67-hour Death Race, or stepping up to my toughest challenge of all: teaching a toddler Korean before I’ve learned it myself.

DIEMlife reflects my devotion to personal growth through goal-setting and hard work: I value grit and resilience above all. So even when I’m at home working on my planche as the dad bod on the stall bars and wondering why I talked myself into tackling another epic quest, I’m thinking of ways that DIEMlife can help its members seek new challenges of their own and meet them.

All of that thinking is informed by my 20 years of experience, where I specialized in business innovation and technology-driven growth. Building and guiding startups was a different kind of daredevilry, but closely related in some ways—you’d be surprised what you can learn about project management in the midst of some of the world’s most grueling races.

Hi! I'm Yoo-Sun.

Studying violin taught me how to channel my passion through self-discipline and precision, and I have applied that spirit throughout my 20-year career as a professional coach and teacher.

The rigors of Juilliard and two decades of helping people meet their professional goals, achieve their fitness ambitions, and get their relationships back on the right footing were just barely enough preparation for my most important client. Baby Kelvin recently accepted, however grudgingly, the challenge of eating his carrots and making that goal a reality. Moms, we’re in this together.

As the architect of DIEMlife’s Quest structure, I ensure that the platform offers the kind of motivation and support that people come to expect from an experienced personal coach. I bring the same focus to corporate decisions, where I balance Tim’s vision with an emphasis on its practical development.

Hello, world! I'm Kelvin.

I also answer to Sewan, my Korean name, or Big K, but I like to think of myself as the power behind the throne. After all, I’ve been doing Quests since before I was born! I’m happiest in the water, whether I’m in the bathtub, in a pool, or splashing around in the kitchen (whoops, we weren’t supposed to speak of that one ever again). I’ve been paying close attention to my parents and the rest of you upright-walking types, and can’t wait to start walking, running, and swimming on my own.

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